Chain conveyor design

Salmon Trade offers innovative solutions for the automatic handling of raw stock wagons and brick kiln carts. The companydeals with the design and production of chain conveyors for the ceramic industry.

All systems can be operated by hydraulic or electromechanical devices according to the needs and applications.

The new handling lines can be supplied completely automatic or semi-automatic depending on the customer’s requests.

Thanks to the new possibilities provided by electronics and the vast experience acquired, the movement elements can also be added in the context of existing plants in order to improve efficiency and improve productivity.

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Production steps

In collaboration with a technical draftsman we design special equipment (prototypes) upon the customer’s request. For the manufacturing we rely on machine workshops which build the equipment. Even though the different professional figures that we need for the realisation of the project, the customer will have just a partner he can relate to.


High reliability over the years

Our metal transporters have a key role in the modern systems of chain conveyor. They have an opened mesh which enable air or gas circulation, ensuring an easy drainage of eventual liquids for the cleaning or the production.

The most approved prerogative of these metal mats, composed by mesh of different sizes or by steel strips, lies on the great reliability over time and wear resistance, as well as the possibility to work at high operation temperatures (up to 1200 °C) with remarkable mechanical stress also in aggressive environment or in presence of lubricants.

The conveyor belts are important components of good horizontal handling.

Contact us! Our services are guaranteed on national and international level.