Ion exchange quenching plant

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Ionic exchange quenching plant

The ion exchange hardening plant was conceived and realized to industrialize the project entitled “Innovative sustainable and permanent performance process by ion exchange procedure, able to give to the vitreous ceramic surfaces high resistance to impact and abrasion together with high aesthetic and environmental performance in constant antibacterial” that comes from the collaboration between the company technicians of ITALGRANITI GROUP and the research laboratories of the University of Modena, Enzo Ferrari Department, and is aimed at the development of special and innovative glazes ceramic with increased surface characteristics.



Plant industrialization

The performance system will be inserted along one of the proponent production lines, in derivation or downstream of the roller kiln, depending on whether it is more appropriate for the hot product picking (temperature above 450 ° C) to modify a section of the oven or vice versa the whole cooking and cooling curve. The system will consist of a transport line for the hot material towards the ion exchange tank, and an ion exchange tank and the relative final washing module with recovery of the salts.


Transport line

Using steel or superalloy rollers with a nickel base, a transport line suitable for the continuous or discontinuous handling of tiles at maximum temperatures of 500 ° C will be realized. The purpose of this line is the transport of the tiles, with minimum temperature drop, towards the ion exchange tank. For this reason, the transport line will have minimum height (30 mm maximum) and will be thermally insulated from ISO refractory materials with low thermal conductivity, such as mullite fibre panels. The transport speed will be adjustable by inverter, which controls the roller drive motor.

A loading and unloading door can be opened or closed depending on the presence or absence of material to be collected. The pick-up takes place, from the roller kiln, or simple juxtaposition of the conveyor line at the exit of the furnace or, in the event of a derivation, by means of a shifter equipped with grippers coated in ISO-refractory material at the ends.

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