Delivery of used ceramic machinery

Our company is known for the delivery of second-hand or regenerated machines for tiles; our experience can guarantee a good second-hand product that respond to all the necessities for increasingly demanding customers.

In Salmon Trade you will find professionalism and quality for the purchase of second-hand or regenerate machines, thanks to the assurance of the company, offer security and foster care.

Roller kiln, palletizer, heat exchangers, screw compressors, spare parts, generators, sorting machines etc. If you are looking for a second-hand machine for tiles ask to Salmon Trade: quality and convenience are a guaranteed.

Located in Casinalbo di Formigine, our services are available all around the world.


Second-hand roller kiln

Roller kilns are composed by steel structures that represent the backbone of the kiln. Any block lies on carbon steel rollers allowing the expansion of the kiln over a fixed central point in the machine.

The ultimate kilns can reach temperatures from 850 degrees to 1250 degrees.

The adoption of high-speed burners gives more time to recovery heat in independent zones and optimise the heat flow. Combined with special radial radiators (from n. 8 to n. 16 in function of the kiln length and the type ofproduct) you get positive results in terms of specific consumption, calibre, shade and flatness.

The air lines fixed both in the upper and the lower part permit to obtain considerable energy saving because the air is heated to 65-70 degrees without the help of any device.

The isolation of the blocks, made of ecological materials, is able to keep the outside temperature of the kiln to no more than 40 degrees higher than the room temperature.


Spare parts for presses

Salmon Trade offers spare parts for mechanical presses, which include solenoid valves, logical elements, hydraulic engines and proportional valves.

We also commercialize other equipment for filtering and dialysis of Hydraulic oil.


ENEA Cooling

ENEA is the most used heat exchanger in ceramic industry to cool the oil in the presses. It was studied to work with all models of presses and in the difficult spaces typical of ceramic industry. Easy to install, totally exempt from maintenance, careful about energy saving and respectful of the sound level.



Salmon Trade proposes a large variety of power generators used for continuous and emergency applications with diesel motors from different manufactures integrating them with other products from leader companies.



The screw compressor is composed by few mobile parts, easier to service. In addition, the screw compressor is quiet and more efficient. The screw compressor is a rotative compressor; its helicoid motors reduce gradually the space and increasingly constrict the aspirated gas (for example the air). Salmon Trade offer second-hand screw compressors by leader producers as Keaser, Atlas Copco, Boge and Demag. Among these, there are recently manufactured compressors .


Sorting lines

Our company offers a wide range of automatic sorting machines, packaging and palletizing machines. We realize special automation according to your needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us to receive further information. We deal with the regeneration of used machines and provide complete regenerated plants.

Located in Casinalbo di Formigine, our services are available all around the world.