Equipment for glazing

Salmon Trade is the leader in the production and supply of complete equipment fortile glazing.

We realize glazing lines complete of all the accessories basing on the client’s requirements, supplied with electric system of the latest generation.

The attention in the construction and the quality of the materials used make our installations more advanced and allow a significant reduction of the maintenance, by ensuringhigh productivity and flexibility.

We produce the following machines:

  • Smart Mix
  • Tank and Stirrers
  • Belts scrubber
  • Vibrating screen
  • Fettling devices
  • Glazing cabin

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Device for the automatic stirring of ink tanks, to be placed directly on the decoration line near the digital printer ink-jet. SMART MIX is a unit specifically designed to mix the ceramic pigmented inks.


Tanks and Stirrers

These tanks contain and keep mixed the glaze that will be applied by glaze cabin. They are designed to work under ceramic glazing with high density.

Among the main advantages there are:

  • the slow mixing of the product that prevent the formation of air bubbles
  • the particular form of the rake that verging the bottom keeps it clean

Belt scrubber

it is a cleaning system for carrying straps with interchangeable inserts in polymeric tear.



Vibrating screen and sieves

The vibrating screens and vibrating sieves are machines created to sieve high density and viscosity liquids, with fine grids, for a better quality of the final productThe 3D motion of the sieves ensures a net and instantaneous separation of the liquid from the solid, which is deposed in the peripheral zone of the sieve leaving the grid completely clean. The sieves are composed by a ring, upon which is settled a stainless-steel grid, tightly blocked. The average duration of a grid is five months, and it can be replaced by any service employee in few seconds. The gridsused to sieve are commercial type, generally available everywhere.


Fettling devices

They feature a 2 motors pressing residues removal system and operate through felt disks, diamond or polymer wheels.


Glazing units (cabin)

Salmon Trade commercializes airbrush cabins, single or multi disk and special cabins for the glazing of ceramic material and bricks.

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