Machinery for tiles production

Salmon Trade is a company specialized in production and commercialization of machineries for ceramic industry, and it avails itself of the collaboration of experts who witnessed the development of the technology of this sector. Today the company has the opportunity to design equipments, machines and accessories for any application, sure about the professionalism and the quality of the final product.

An accurate organization and a simple and dynamic design enables us to offer professional and high skills with very competitive costs.

Our business mission is focused on “Customer Care”, our business card. We are, indeed, able to pay specific attention to the customers; this is a specific company choice to guarantee to our clients satisfaction about purchasing and security over time.

Thanks to the professionalism of our team, the company can provide excellent and operative advises for the selection of the most suitable and current machines and equipment.

If you are looking for a company which deal with the spare parts business of sorting machines or with the production of automation for glazing tiles machineries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services are available all around the world.



Industrial automation

Salmon Trade designs and realizes customized removal systems, storage, glazing lines, entering lines and exit furnaces. The company offers a complete service including every step of the realization of the product, from planning to shipment.


Silicon roll engobers

“Back Print” is the innovative and patented system – which can be customized – through which it is possible to glaze a protective engobe before firing. Thanks to the silicone sleeves it is possible to apply all the information required by the customer on the back of the product.


Glazing machinery

We produce complete machines for the glazing and serigraphy of single and double-fired tiles, mono-porous tiles, gres porcelain and mosaics. Complete equipment for the glazing of klinker, tiles, pottery and other extruded materials.


Lube oils

The base oils Petro-Canada PURITY HT (Hydro Treated) are clear and pure at 99,9%. The lube oils are thermally stable and resistant to oxidation, therefore they are long-lasting and the maintenance cost is lower.


Special installation design

Salmon Trade is specialized in industrial studies and projects born of a theoretical concept advanced at University or at Research Department of tiles producers. Our company designs and produces special and above-standard installations.


Spare parts for sorting machines

Our company supplies original spare parts for sorting machines for tiles production. Moreover, we have the possibility to equip with complete second-hand sorting machines or completely reconditioned machines.


Tiles machinery

We commercialise new machines for every sector of the ceramic field; thanks to the direct contact with a very large commercial network we can find, resell or mediate the negotiation for second-hand machines of all kinds.

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