Commercial spare parts

Our company handles the delivery of spare parts like: reducers, electric motors, brackets, handles, ball bearings, rollers, wheels, belts etc. manufactured by the most important industries in this sector, like Elesa.

Do not hesitate to contact us to be informed about the availability and the prices of our spare parts. Our services are available all around the world.


Professional and technical assistance

Our warehouse provides a wide range of commercial products, equipment, tools, small metal products, etc… whatever it is needed by the industry for maintenance,replacement and new project.

The great and consolidated relations with an important network of suppliers and machinery, accessories and spare parts producers, and the constant updating about the latest news of the sector, along with our establishment and organization allow us to offer to your company a large range of products combined with an extremely professional and precise technical assistance, and an always on time to delivery service.


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Commercial spare parts are all the mechanical and no mechanical parts , produced by big or multinational companies that usually offer a large range of products later used by machine producers.

We range from mechanical organs, to electric motors and pneumatic pistons etc. Contrary to parts made by drawing from the machine manufacturer (normally supplied by the manufacturer itself) the commercial spare parts are accessible to everyone thanks to various dealers stationed in every region.

All the products provided by Salmon Trade are subject, by the manufacturers, to mechanical, physic, chemicaland durability tests , s in order to report stress resistance data on the technical schedules.

Salmon Trade collaborates with suppliers that are constantly busy to invest in Research and Development and in particular in the innovation of our technologies in order to create new products or to improve even more the performances and reliability of the existing products.

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Our services are available all around the world.