Spindles regeneration

Salmon Trade, provides spare parts for squaring machines, lapping machines and sanders, and also carry out the regeneration of calibrating spindles and polishing heads. We provide tow straps and special high performance steel under-belts plates, cutting machine disks and corrections etc.

You don’t know who you can contact for the regeneration of spindles? Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for a free estimate.

We have specific skills for machines of ceramic sector for the production of tiles. Our services are available all around the world.


Timely service

When providing our service of heads and spindles regeneration for sanders we care as a craftsman would do, and at the same time we offer the skills and the structure of an organized company and ready to provide a timely service; precondition to serve large-size companies.

The spindles determine the final quality of products and affect the productivity, efficiency and maintenance requirements of machine tools. Our company carries out regeneration and optimization services for spindles of machine tools with global supports.


Experience and professionalism

Experience and professionalism to the service of ceramic industry. The leaders of the sector rely on us for the regeneration of tools or for the purchase of spare parts for their polishing systems, squaring and cutting in order to ensure high performances and available prices.

Spindles, polishing heads, hubs, pulleys and everything that, to prevent bad surprises, is essential to revise periodically. We can do it.


Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about our regeneration services. Our services are available all around the world.