High performance lubricants

Salmon Trade is the official dealer of Petro-Canada products for the ceramic system.

The base oils Petro-Canada PURITY HT (Hydro Treated) are clear and pure at 99,9%: the purest in the world. The lubricants produced with these base oils are more thermally stable and oxidation resistant to last longer. Consequently they extend the oil changing time and reduce the maintenance costs.

The base oils PURITY, formulated with the best additives for better performances in high and low temperatures, are significantly more efficient than other current products for the same applications. They are no toxic and inherently bio-based.

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Hydraulic fluids HYDREX/ENVIRON

They protect against wear and oxidation, and they last longer. They can resist up to twice the load of its main competitors. They present great strength to corrosion, they can part from water very quickly and do not form foam or air bubbles. Environ range is free of metals, odourless, no toxic and inherently bio-based.


Special grease for high temperatures

Chains oils for high temperatures Tecnite FG H1, approved NSF H1, are formulated with esters synthetic bases combined with particularly selected additives.

They were developed to meet the increasing demand (HACCP-Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points) of food industry for a cleaner and more reliable lubrication for the chains subject to high temperatures.

Benefits of Tecnite FG H1 OCL :

  • Resistance to temperatures > 260 °C
  • Minimum evaporation
  • Great stability to oxidation
  • Great anti-wear properties
  • Reduction of oil consumption thanks to  low evaporation
  • Clean with low emission of smokes and carbon depots
  • Duration extension of kiln’s chains
  • Available in more lubricities

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