Engobing devices for ceramic laminates

Our technologies to manage the entry and exit from kilns are based on motorizations with a great precision in the carpet formation and extremely careful in processing the tiles.

Thanks to its experience, Salmon Trade has patented “Back-Print” engobing with roller system and cargo cabin.

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Engobing devices for ceramic laminates

Two different models available:

11006001: application area up to 2100 mm

11006002: application area up to 1600 mm

Features and benefits:

  • Drafting engobe on a single rollers row
  • reduced overall size on the line (440mm)
  • carter and supports sheet made of stainless steel
  • Engobe containment tank made of stainless steel
  • twin engines for two feeding rolls
  • electrical panel for inverted management made of stainless steel


Patented system of writing through engobe application.

“Back-Print” is an innovative patented system of customization for the ceramic product by spreading protective engobe before firing. Thanks to silicon sleeves “Back-Print” it is possible to apply all the information required by the clientto the back of the ceramic products

“Back-Print” has been specially designed to give added value to the ceramic laminate where it is not possible to customize the product using the traditional molding process (dies and punches).

“Back-Print” sleeve can be supplied in various sizes and be installed on different models of engobing machine.

Main benefits:

  • application of the company’s logo or trademarks
  • application of the logo or customer’s brand (as for productions on behalf of third parties)
  • specify the “MADE IN ITALY” (or other country producer) on the entire surface of the product even after the cuts of the sub-formats
  • encodings or other internal productive specific production
  • dates of production or various technical features

Contact us for more information. Our services are available all around the world.