Spare parts for gluing machines

The consolidated relationship with a very wide network of suppliers and machinery, accessories and spare parts producers, and the constant updating about latest news, allow us to offer to every company a large range of spare parts for gluing machines of the best-known producers of the sector, like Robatech.

We commercialize original pieces and compatible spare parts for any end line gluing machine, we deal with the regeneration of complete groups, pumps, nozzles and gluing modules and we supply defroster tubes of every size.

If you are looking for a company that deal with the selling of spare parts for roller gluing machines, contact us!

Our services are available all around the world.


High quality spare parts

Our collaboration with important suppliers like Robatech allow us to make offers as soon as possible and, especially, to offer a service up to the expectations of the producer and to offer just high quality and original spare parts.

The products marketed by Salmon Trade are characterized by main durability and sustainability, that make it possible to save energy.

Our working method, quick and professional, allow us to best satisfy the requests of every clients in the country or overseas, thanks to the collaboration of agents and to our frequently visits in the spot.


We always guarantee the best service and total customer satisfaction

Salmon Trade works in the delivery and spare parts sector for ceramic industry. Our services are guaranteed on national and international level.

Spare parts service represents an essential element for every sorting activities and our company is constantly engaged to guarantee the best service and the total customers satisfaction, offering any type of spare parts for sorting lines.

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