Abrasive disks

Salmon Trade offers specific and simple solutions that permit to our clients to work all kind of material, also in complicate applications.

From the simple cut to the correction and from the sanding to the finishing in do-it-yourself markets and in more technical industry, we know that the security, quality, performances and prices are critical factors and we are able to offer a range of solutions to satisfy every specific necessity. Find out how we can help you to reach the best abrasive solution for your specific need.

We deal with the selling of abrasive disks, diamond cutting tools, metal disks for sander, fiker brushes, metal grinding wheels, diamond milling cutter for ceramic and marble.

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Ecological wheels for squaring

To meet the market demand, Salmon Trade sells an ecological diamond wheel next-gen (free of copper, nickel and cobalt).

The absence of these elements facilitates the disposal and allows the recovery of ceramic glazes from the sewage sludge without affecting the ability of cutting and duration.

GRAIN SIZES: available in large and thin grains for every machine type, with silenced particulars too.


Segmented disks

Segmented disks for cutting of tiles, single-fired, hard materials, etc. Available in different types, our disks differ from others for their high efficiency, and the high quality of cutting. They are available for  multiple heads or single box cutting machines.

The constant research and the use of the most advanced technologies take Salmon Trade to offer a new range of segmented disks for tiles.

It is for facing market demand, aimed at the production of smaller size products(mosaic 1×1, matite 0,5×1200, etc.) that Salmon Trade is specialized to commercialize segmented disks which, working at very low speed, keep a flat consumption of the disk and a better cutting yield.


Resin diamond grinding wheels

According to the diameter of the head, they are provided in 160 mm., 140 mm and 100 mm sizes in different hardness levels, perfect for semi polishing glazed products or tiles with relief or not.

The typical amortization between the coupling and the abrasive gives to the tool high flexibility.

Granulometry: mesh # 60-80-100-120-150-180-220-300-400-500-600-800-1000-1200-1500-1800-2000-2500-3000-3500-5000-6000-8000-10000.

Tires: different types of cushions and thickness basing on customers requirements.

Contact us for more information about our products. Our services are available all around the world.