Salmon Trade s.r.l.: design and development of innovative solutions at the service of the ceramic world

Salmon Trade s.r.l. is a young company born in 2012 by active and enterprising entrepreneurs with 20-years of experience in the ceramic sector.

Thanks to a specific and clear organization, Salmon Trade is able to offer a professional service with competitive costs.  Our great and consolidated relations with a wide network of providers of machinery, accessories and spare parts combined with constant updating about the latest innovations in the field, allow us to offer to our clients a wide range of products matched to a punctual delivery service.

New industrial techniques combined with accurate handmade production are the solid foundation on which our company developed the ability to personalize the product according to the needs of the clients.

All our tiles machinery, new, used or regenerated, comply with EC legislation to ensure top level security.

Located in Casinalbo di Formigine, our services are available all around the world.

If you are looking for a company which deal with trade of industrial machinery, if you need an automatic palletizer, a roller kiln etc., do not hesitate to contact us.


New technical solutions

Specialized in design, production and sale of tiles industrial machinery, Salmon Trade always offers innovative solutions providing new and used high efficiency machinery.

The key to company success is represented by the costant commitment in the researching of new technical solutions to solve the issues that can be find during the production of tiles.

Thanks to our skills in the sector and to our specialized team, we are able to respond to these problems in an efficient and practical way, providing machinery, equipment and tile lines systems which can reach the high quality standards required by the clients.

The timeliness and the assistance service quality and the timeliness in the delivery of spare parts represent the further confirmation that Salmon Trade undertakes to operate in partnership with the other firms all around the world.


Reliability and quality

Our corporate philosophy consists in offering customised technical solutions according to the individual requirements, advantageous and reliable. Our purpose is to make each client a precious partner.

The experience – gained over time – allow us to have a great reliability and quality in our large range of production.

We make available to our clients a qualified service of technical advice in order to guarantee complete equipment, respondent to the necessities. We give great importance to the operative security and the environmental protection.

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Located in Casinalbo di Formigine, our services are available all around the world.